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Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? Do you know any facts about it? I do!

This year it is celebrated today, on the 5th February and it is the Year of the Pig.  The date changes every year because the Chinese use a different calendar, the calendar is called the lunar calendar. At Chinese New Year, people try to wear new clothes which are mainly red because red is a lucky colour and represents happiness and prosperity. They have a spring clean to get rid of all the bad spirits and to welcome the good ones.  The houses are decorated with red lanterns and they have a feast with special food.  The oval-shaped food (such as eggs and dumplings) represents family coming and staying together.

At The Treehouse we made some red lanterns to hang up and clay models of the animals that raced across the river in The Great Race.  I was born in the year of the ox.  I think it looks quite like me because it has hair all over its eyes and so do I!

Today we went to a restaurant called The Cockadoo for a Chinese meal.

For a starter we had a Spring rolls and chicken salad, followed by a chicken and peanut stir fry and sweet chilli sauce.

I really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year because it is interesting and very People Smart to learn about different cultures.


Aged 9.


When our friend Emily came to the Treehouse School, we had an Indian workshop, following her work with Moparru Orphanage in India. She asked The Gang if we wanted pen pals and of course we said, ‘YES!’

My pen pal is 8 years old and his name is Yaswanth.  When I read his letter I felt he had learned to write English very well.  Yaswanth has one sister and his best friend is called Karthik. When he is older he would like to be a policeman.

I was surprised that Yaswanth’s favourite food is fruit because I thought that it would be something like a curry. Most of the other pen pals said their favourite food is a type of curry.

I love learning about other countries because it’s important that we don’t offend other cultures.  For example, I learned that in India cows are sacred and in our country they are not.

Our links with Moparru are helping us to become more People Smart, to reject stereotypes and become aware of other cultures.

LR aged 9


I have two pen pals called Rakesh and Siva. Rakesh is aged 10 and his favourite colour is blue and Siva is 7 years old and his favourite colour is green. I want to find out if they are brothers. I would like to visit them to see what their home looks like and I would like to feel the warm rain.

ASH aged 7

Today we recorded a rap for the Film Festival. It is called ‘The Litter Rap’.  We hope you will hear it and like it and put your rubbish in the bins.

Laura Lee came to help us because she is good at singing and on the computers.  She let us use her microphone and camera to film us.  She is going to put it all together and then make it into a film.

We wanted to look like rappers so we wore waistcoats, sunglasses, jewellery and black and grey clothes.  Not everyone is performing the whole thing but we all have different parts.  I performed the first part and the end.  Ollie did some of the middle part on his own.  I think he was brave.  We had to do the dances that rappers do, like folding our arms and we had to look cross and cool. I was a little bit nervous but I tried my best and it went really well.  I hope we will win the Film Festival!

By TB aged 7

Are you interested in science?

Do you want to learn how to create an animation? 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like inside a womb?  Take a trip to We The Curious in Bristol: a science museum which includes experiments such as how water molecules are made, interactive displays and an exciting trip into space!  On our first day back after the holiday we enjoyed this incredible place and learned more about our universe.  I think that the Planetarium was a popular choice for many of the Gang.

While we were all sitting down in comfy seats we explored many planets and discovered that on Jupiter there is a storm called The Rose, an asteroid with a moon and that a million planet Earths could be fitted inside the sun.  Following our trip, we are now working on individual ‘Mini Museum’ projects relating to things that interested us.  Hopefully you can come along to our display later this term.


F.S. Aged 10.

A year four member of the Gang recently read a poem called I Miss You by A F Harrold. She enjoyed it so much, she decided to write her own version in her reading journal. She shared it with us, we thought it was so amazing, we would share it with you. So here it is…

I Miss You

I miss you, like the grass misses the flower when it’s picked…

I miss you, like the glass misses the water…

I miss you, like the broken clock misses its tock…

I miss you, like the sunset misses the day…

I miss you, like the sand misses the tide…

I miss you, like the apple tree misses its apple…

I miss you, like the water misses the fish when the kingfishers caught it…

I miss you, like the piggy-bank misses its money…

I miss you, like the wardrobe misses its jumper…

I miss you, like the charcoal misses the flames when the fire has gone out…

I miss you, like the rose misses its petal.

Blog by Year Six girl.


Uni scopes, flying goggles, compasses and a map, are all useful when on a sky ship adventure!

The wonderful Vashti Hardy, author of Brightstorm visited The Treehouse on Friday, which all the children thoroughly enjoyed.  The pupils (in small groups) all made amazing sky ships to show Vashti.

Vashti talked to us about how she got into writing. When she was at school, it was a book called Rachel’s World written by Terry Nation, which inspired her to write books herself. She also showed us a video of Bear Grylls escaping from quicksand, which had inspired part of her story, which we are in the middle of reading.

Vashti told us that she drew a map, before she started writing Brightstorm, and that helped her visualise how the adventure would unfold. In the afternoon, we drew fantasy maps in preparation to write our own stories.

Everyone enjoyed Vashti’s visit and I hope that it inspires us all to continue writing.

Another Blog from a Year 6

Poems, novels, story books and scripts, are all read on Wednesday afternoon in Book Club…

Have you ever tried to read a nonsense poem? Or have you ever tried to act out a play with friends or family? This week, some of the parents of children in Lee’s Book Club, came to watch their children read First News (a children’s newspaper). Meanwhile, Cassie’s Book Club has just finished a nonsense poem called ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll.Cassie’s group also did some art work about the poem, once they had read it.

This week’s blog from one of our year sixes.

Sorry, no posts of late, we have been a bit busy. But please enjoy a taste of our Summer Term in pictures…


The Treehouse is always a wonderful place to be, but particularly lovely in the Summer months…


We are always on the look out for new fundraising ideas. Our latest, evolved in response to one of the children’s ideas. Having watched Blue Planet II, this child unsolicited, made some posters to raise awareness of the impact of plastic on sea creatures. This led to much discussion amongst the Gang and ultimately action. Our ruminations led us to collecting litter locally, requesting the rich and famous to do the same, before turning it into something beautiful, art…

Our Rubbish Art Exhibition, hosted in the Cart Shed, Preston Crowmarsh (thanks to Esther and Phillip Chamberlaine) was very well received…

By following just one child’s interests, the Gang were motivated and engaged: ultimately producing some excellent art, harnessing a little used medium, of which they could be justly proud; creating some great writing to accompany the pieces they had made; measured in context; saw their work valued and displayed accordingly; honed their speaking and listening skills as they interacted with guests; wrote a persuasive rap and performed it in unison, with intonation and expression; and raised a staggering £2,000 in the process.

I say…listen to the children, and they will show you the way…

Was quite simply the best yet. The number of runners had doubled both for the main event and the Bunny Run; we had over 60 supporters from the village helping it to run smoothly; the organisation was fantastic; in line with Treehouse values no unnecessary plastic or packaging was used this year; and early indicators suggest the amount raised was in the region of £5,000! If you were unable to join us, here are some photos for you to enjoy..


See you the same time, the same place, next year?