At Tiggywinkles, an animal sanctuary and hospital, they have over 300 hedgehogs! Tiggywinkles was started by a family who found an injured kestrel. When it recovered, it was still unable to fly so, they used it to help raise other baby kestrels. Gradually they attracted more rescued animals but found they didn’t have enough space in their garden for them all.  So they set about fundraising and raised over a million pounds in one year!  Which they used to start Tiggywinkles, as it is now known.

On the 16th October the Treehouse Gang visited in order to learn more about our local wildlife.  We saw foxes, ducks, a heron, barn owls and tortoises.

We enjoyed a talk and power-point presentation about the myths and legends of some of the animals they rescue.  This is one of the myths that we heard:

One day the sun decided it wanted to marry the moon.  The sun invited all the animals on earth to come to the wedding.  Every animal came except the hedgehog. The sun went to look for the hedgehog and found him eating a rock.  The sun asked, “Why aren’t you coming?” and the hedgehog replied “If you marry the moon you will have a baby and the earth will become too hot for anything to live on. And we will only have rocks to eat.” So, the sun cancelled the wedding immediately.

We found out that hedgehog’s prickles are hollow so that they can swim and float in the river. Also, when predators (such as badgers) attack them they curl into a ball by tightening the muscle connecting one ear to another.

We would recommend a visit to Tiggywinkles.  We would give it 5 stars because it does very important work helping not only hedgehogs, but all wildlife.

Year 3 and 5 pupils.