I must tell you about two new pupils who we will be welcoming to The Treehouse in September. Our new Gang members are O and J.  They are young, so we will need to help them step up from their old schools. O and J joined us for their taster Forest School day on Friday.

To begin with they had a story and played with the train set.  After that they made paper and cardboard boats ready for the afternoon’s activity.  I think they enjoyed this because were in a small group with Shaz so there weren’t too many new faces.

Before long they went outside to test the strength of the equilateral triangle structures that the rest of the gang had been making.

After lunch we walked to the park and then we split into two groups.  O and J were in my group who were sailing their boats in the stream.  You will never believe this but J’s boat sailed away quickly and nearly collided with a bramble.  J found it funny at first but then, when the boat nearly hit the brambles, I believe he felt nervous.

I think they they enjoyed their time at the Treehouse.

Although they were tired at the end of the day they stayed smiling and I can’t wait to see them again in September.

LB Age 8

Names changed to preserve privacy.