Last week the Treehouse Gang took the minibus to London to see Matilda the Musical.  This was because our Year 6s will be leaving and it was a final treat.

It was quite a long journey so lots of people brought games to play on the way.  I played Hangman and others played Top Trumps.

When we arrived at the theatre we had flapjacks and cheese straws and then went inside to find our seats.

When I sat down I noticed that the stage was decorated with boxes that had letters on. As the show started they moved and spelled out the word ‘Matilda’.  My favourite part was when Matilda was telling a story to the librarian because it was quite tense, but also because they used puppets to show the characters in the story.

The set was cleverly designed and had lots of interesting things to look at.  For example Matilda’s whole bedroom could be moved forward, there were swings with really long ropes and the actors in the wings pushed in some of the set. There was lots of movement and changing scenery. In addition, I liked the costumes because they compared well with the drawings in the book.

The play has a great ending because Matilda moves in with Miss Honey while her parents went on holiday to Spain.  I really enjoyed the play and wanted it to carry on because it was probably one of the best that I have seen.

On the way home lots of people fell asleep and we arrived back in Cholsey at about 11.30.   I think it was a wonderful treat for the Year 6s and we all got to enjoy the experience too!

Year 4 author.