To kickstart the New Year, the Gang headed off to Snakes & Ladders in Abingdon, to get fit for our annual 10k Bunny Run.  Running around was very hard due to the amount of food we had eaten over the Christmas holidays!

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Snakes & Ladders is a children’s indoor play area where you can be a little bit wild, running, jumping, crawling, spinning, sliding and lots of more.

For me the most challenging part was tackling the climbing nets. The nets were very sore on your feet as you are not allowed footwear. My hands also got blisters from the rough, plasticky rope.  The nets were approximately 4m high and I felt very pleased with myself that I didn’t give up.

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During a game of ‘Catch’, Shaz and I were both trying to get through the vertical spinning rollers at the same time . We were running away from a ‘catcher’ but we both ended up getting stuck!

We all ended up with rosy cheeks and are inspired to get fit for The Bunny Run on the 29th March.

Year 6 pupil.