We decided to walk to Wittenham Clumps from Cholsey because it was our Year Sixes last forest school and we wanted to make it memorable. We all set off with a determined attitude towards the hike ahead of us. In groups of three we were given a map that we would refer to at points on our walk.

Our route took us up Cholsey Hill initially, but then cut off through a field.   Mainly our walk was on footpaths but at times we had to cross roads.  We crossed over a road that leads  to Wallingford and headed on a footpath past a stream and towards Mackney Farm.   By this time we were starting to feel tired but were motivated by the thought of fish and chips at the Red Lion pub in Brightwell.

We saw many interesting things on the walk including a deer, a heron and a fox running on the path ahead. After we had had a filling meal the adults decided the walk was too much for some children and that only the Year 5s and 6s would continue to Wittenham Clumps.  So the younger children took a minibus to the meeting point and waited for us to arrive.

The last part was the hardest as it was uphill most of the way and out in the open in the scorching sun. Finally, Wittenham Clumps was in sight and we all made a last push to the top of the hill.  The others greeted us and then we relaxed until it was time to head home.

I think this walk was really challenging but we all felt that we had achieved a great deal.

Year 5 author