Each Friday we have Forest School and each week we pick a different location. This week we went to Lollingdon and met a musical artist.  His name is Chris Holland.

Chris taught us how to make musical instruments out of wood and he also showed us how to use the natural world as an inspiration to make sounds and music.

First we took a small piece of wood and, with a permanent marker, drew the outline of a crocodile.  Then we carved out some ridges along the body.  To do this Chris taught us a new technique called ‘boffing’.  You stick the knife into the wood at an angle and then bang it with a larger piece of wood to make it go in deeper.  Then you do it again on the other side and a small chip of wood flies out.  This makes the ridge.  I found it hard to get the knife in and back out.  When we had finished we found a small stick.  We used this to rub along the ridges to make a tapping, clicking sound.

Later Chris told us to go and find two different natural items, for example a stone and some grass.  We experimented with these to see what sounds we could make. We then made these sounds with our voices.

Finally we made up a song together and performed it using our crocodile instruments and our voices.  It was called ‘We Went into the Woods . . .’

Although the carving was a bit difficult and challenging I think everyone at the Treehouse learned lot.  For these reasons I think all schools should have a day with Chris Holland!

WR Age 10