The Gang were very excited when they found out that a metal detectorist was visiting. Paul, a local expert from Cholsey, arrived with his specialist kit; a metal detector, a spade and a pinpoint. (In case you didn’t know, a pinpoint is a tool that locates more accurately the exact position of a find).

We headed out into the school garden to see what we might locate.  We hoped that we might find some gold or some treasure!  Not much luck with that, but we did find a toy aeroplane, some lead pipe and lots of tinfoil. Paul explained that his most valuable find was a hammered coin from Henry VII’s reign.

Paul’s equipment was rather expensive but led to some very exciting stories: A woman had bought a cheap metal detector and went into a local field and soon the detector started beeping.   She dug down and found a gold coin! But it got better because as she continued digging, she discovered a whole hoard of gold coins.  She had to inform the landowner and the police.

Imagine what could be lying hidden right underneath your feet…this minute!

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