On Saturday 15th June we decorated a float for Wallingford Carnival.  Our float was Charlie’s Golden Years.  We put lollipops, grass, the big ‘W’, the big chocolate bar and the big boiled sweets on the lorry that we were going to ride on.  We all wore our costumes from the play.  I was Amelia and I wore a dress which had butterflies on it and I wore my pink wellies.  I had pink cheeks. While we were practising I put my foot on a haybale to stand up and a moth climbed onto my welly. We rescued it and let it go and then it was much happier!

As we were driving through the town we saw lots of people.  They were waving and we were waving back and singing the Oompa Loompa song.  Walking behind us were the Cubs and they were playing instruments and they were in their cub uniforms. I saw my friends Kyler and Jasmine.


I enjoyed it because we got lots of chocolate (well, Augustus got the most) and we could stand on the haybales and I thought we would have to sit down.  At the end my mummy picked me up from the Kinecroft and then we went to Bean and Brew to have hot chocolate and cake.

MES aged 6