Every other Wednesday some of us go to Moulsford School to make things. Last term we made props for our play ‘Charlie’s Golden Years.’ This term we have been making bird feeders for Father’s Day gifts. We used a vertical saw to cut some plastic into shape. Then we used a metal ruler to make it flat. We peeled off the plastic cover and used a special heater to bend the corners into shape. It was interesting to use the equipment.

I think everyone feels quite proud of their bird feeders.

Back at The Treehouse we have been decorating some bags to present our gifts in.  First we drew a bird on the bag and then used Brusho fabric paint to fill in the design.  My design is of a buzzard because Finn told me that they are daddy’s favourite bird of prey.  We have also made bird gift tags.  Mine says ‘Thank you for keeping me happy as a lark.’

Happy Father’s Day!

TBR Aged 7