Today we had our annual Pancake Race and local residents, old and young, came and joined us. We had nine different categories from Year 6 down to pre-school. There were also two adult races.

The race begins in the middle of our village and goes around a small green called The Forty. You have to carry a frying pan and a pancake, and flip it three times. Last year I won my race but this year I think I came second because I tripped over a tree root and was overtaken. But at least I didn’t drop the frying pan and the pancake!

Our headteacher, Lee, dropped her pancake right at the start of the race. Despite this she kept going, but a person called James, who works in the butchers, overtook her and won.

Alison, a Treehouse Trustee, presented the medals to all the winners.

Afterwards we did a bit of extra pancake flipping and played on the Forty. I can flip a pancake about two metres high!

Age 10