This week at The Treehouse we went to a Baptist Church in Wallingford and were guided through our tour, by the minister, Esther. We went to the church because some of our pupils, introduced us to it, as their family worship there.

When we got to the church we were detectives and had to find the answers to some questions. For example; when was the church built? What qualifications do you need to become a minister at a Baptist Church? Can you draw some pictures of things that make this a church? My partner and I found out that the church was built in 1821, it was on a plaque outside. I drew pictures of a cross, a stained-glass window and a noticeboard because I thought these things were related to the church.

I was surprised to see a hole in the church floor! It was about the size of a bath and it had four or five steps going into it and a tap on the side. We had to think what it might be used for. My partner and I thought it was a fire shelter, if fire breaks out. When we had been through all the questions on the sheet, Esther showed us a Power Point slide show she had created, about what goes on in the church. Interestingly, this hole is used for Baptising people. Baptising is when you want to wash away all the bad things you have done in your life and to show you believe in God. You go in, (in your normal clothes), with two people holding you and then you go under the water for a tiny bit and then come back up. I hope the water is as warm as in a swimming pool!?

I thought that our visit was very interesting, and some day, you might want to visit too?

Aged 8