Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? Do you know any facts about it? I do!

This year it is celebrated today, on the 5th February and it is the Year of the Pig.  The date changes every year because the Chinese use a different calendar, the calendar is called the lunar calendar. At Chinese New Year, people try to wear new clothes which are mainly red because red is a lucky colour and represents happiness and prosperity. They have a spring clean to get rid of all the bad spirits and to welcome the good ones.  The houses are decorated with red lanterns and they have a feast with special food.  The oval-shaped food (such as eggs and dumplings) represents family coming and staying together.

At The Treehouse we made some red lanterns to hang up and clay models of the animals that raced across the river in The Great Race.  I was born in the year of the ox.  I think it looks quite like me because it has hair all over its eyes and so do I!

Today we went to a restaurant called The Cockadoo for a Chinese meal.

For a starter we had a Spring rolls and chicken salad, followed by a chicken and peanut stir fry and sweet chilli sauce.

I really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year because it is interesting and very People Smart to learn about different cultures.


Aged 9.