When our friend Emily came to the Treehouse School, we had an Indian workshop, following her work with Moparru Orphanage in India. She asked The Gang if we wanted pen pals and of course we said, ‘YES!’

My pen pal is 8 years old and his name is Yaswanth.  When I read his letter I felt he had learned to write English very well.  Yaswanth has one sister and his best friend is called Karthik. When he is older he would like to be a policeman.

I was surprised that Yaswanth’s favourite food is fruit because I thought that it would be something like a curry. Most of the other pen pals said their favourite food is a type of curry.

I love learning about other countries because it’s important that we don’t offend other cultures.  For example, I learned that in India cows are sacred and in our country they are not.

Our links with Moparru are helping us to become more People Smart, to reject stereotypes and become aware of other cultures.

LR aged 9


I have two pen pals called Rakesh and Siva. Rakesh is aged 10 and his favourite colour is blue and Siva is 7 years old and his favourite colour is green. I want to find out if they are brothers. I would like to visit them to see what their home looks like and I would like to feel the warm rain.

ASH aged 7