Today we recorded a rap for the Film Festival. It is called ‘The Litter Rap’.  We hope you will hear it and like it and put your rubbish in the bins.

Laura Lee came to help us because she is good at singing and on the computers.  She let us use her microphone and camera to film us.  She is going to put it all together and then make it into a film.

We wanted to look like rappers so we wore waistcoats, sunglasses, jewellery and black and grey clothes.  Not everyone is performing the whole thing but we all have different parts.  I performed the first part and the end.  Ollie did some of the middle part on his own.  I think he was brave.  We had to do the dances that rappers do, like folding our arms and we had to look cross and cool. I was a little bit nervous but I tried my best and it went really well.  I hope we will win the Film Festival!

By TB aged 7