Uni scopes, flying goggles, compasses and a map, are all useful when on a sky ship adventure!

The wonderful Vashti Hardy, author of Brightstorm visited The Treehouse on Friday, which all the children thoroughly enjoyed.  The pupils (in small groups) all made amazing sky ships to show Vashti.

Vashti talked to us about how she got into writing. When she was at school, it was a book called Rachel’s World written by Terry Nation, which inspired her to write books herself. She also showed us a video of Bear Grylls escaping from quicksand, which had inspired part of her story, which we are in the middle of reading.

Vashti told us that she drew a map, before she started writing Brightstorm, and that helped her visualise how the adventure would unfold. In the afternoon, we drew fantasy maps in preparation to write our own stories.

Everyone enjoyed Vashti’s visit and I hope that it inspires us all to continue writing.

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